Whisper My Name : Adeline is (January 2021) #GetRightMusic

Written by on June 9, 2021

Adeline is such a talented artist and her recent hit ‘Whisper My Name’ is getting played in a continuous fashion at the ‘GetRight Radio’ channel when you go to litjointzradio.com. When you want it to be ranked higher then vote for the song on the ‘Charts‘ section of the website.  The song is from her latest album and she gives a lot of credit to her band as they’ve brought a lot of things to the table. She does not stick to one genre as mixes different styles of music into her album. She aims to show her diversity, besides, she’s young and has a lot to show the music industry. She also shows that women can do what men do like the fact that her band and producer are all ladies. It is such a great cause to be proud of and if only there were more people like her. Add that to the fact that she has proven that she can make it in this world as a solo artist. Some still think that she is still part of the band known as Escort but she has broken out of that band and living her dreams of becoming a solo artist. So far, everything is working out real well.

Not only does Adeline sing beautifully, but she also plays the guitar and bass. In fact, there was a situation before with her band before Escort when their base player canceled at the last minute and her band suggested that she take over the sick band member’s duties. She did and she fell so much in love with it. It was an accident that worked out perfectly for everyone involved as their fans ended up enjoying their performance in more ways than one. Adeline is so talented, she recently started DJing and also get hired to do that. Of course, who would want to turn down a huge opportunity to perform in front of many people?

One of her songs ‘Work of Art’ ended up being a hit even though they did not have any lyrics in mind when they first came up with the beat. When they finally got the beat together, that is when Adeline and her band member wrote the lyrics and everything eventually came together. She made a big statement when she launched her first album. She’s pretty passionate about what she does, she was recently asked which one of her songs was her favorite. She had a hard time picking one of them because they were all good and she had such a great time writing and singing them.


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