“Talk” : Aminé is (January 2021) #GetRightMusic

Written by on June 11, 2021

Aminé and Lil Tjay recently performed at a block party in Syracuse. Amine performed 22 of his hit songs from all over his albums. One of the songs he performed is “Talk” which is right now in rotation on ‘GetRight Radio‘ on litjointzradio.com. You can also vote for the song to rise up at the charts section of the website if you feel that it is not getting the recognition that it deserves. Just like most of the events this year it was a virtual block party for many of the students and teachers of the University.  Being from Syracuse, Amine was more than happy to perform his hit songs for the school. He loved entertaining them while they all participated via chat and they were all commentating non-stop during the rapper’s awesome performance

Aminé did get a chance to talk several times throughout his set. He addressed how it was tough for everyone during this pandemic. He encouraged everyone to also talk during this virtual block party as this event is certainly for them. Needless to say, Amine was exhausted after his set as that included plenty of songs. Lil Tjay performed after him and he decided to take it nice and easy for those who were looking forward to him so that they can enjoy his songs. The fan comments flooded in like crazy when Amine performed his top hits like “Caroline” and “Spice Girl” which tells the story of how he always wanted to perform with one of them. Just like most of us, he loved listening to Spice Girls songs growing up.

Aminé also headlined Harvard’s annual Yardfest along with Trevor Daniel. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it was held virtually. He would often tell the Harvard students what he would do if they were attending a live concert like jumping onto them. Another university Anime performed in was Binghamton University as he starred in their Spring Fling festival alongside Two Friends. The two artists performed their hearts out to the students even if they were in their apartments or dorm rooms.

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