Raw – LOONY (January 2021) #GetRightMusic

Written by on May 17, 2021

Loony started the year right with her newest track called ‘Raw‘. It is the second single from her latest EP and it is right now in rotation on the online radio station channel ‘GetRight Radio’ on litjointzradio.com. There is no doubt this song will have a lot of fans just like the last one. Her EP last year entitled ‘Joyride’ got a lot of rave reviews from the critics. In fact, a lot of them agreed that the best is yet to come from this wonderful artist as she is beginning to see her potential as an international highly acclaimed artist. ‘be cool’ came out late last year and both had that raspy beat that would get you dancing in a groove in no time. Dancing is something that will get you to burn plenty of calories which helps those who are getting a bit chunky from chillin’ inside so much.

Loony says that there are plenty of songs on her upcoming EP that deal with deep love. It is evident that she experienced something similar and it is good to use music in order to let that all out. It is great how an artist as good as her puts immediate deep meaning into the songs that she writes and performs. It is evident that she will impose a whole new level of feeling when she lets all of that out the moment she steps foot into the stadium when she finally goes on tour. It was no fluke when she earned the praise of mean critics from famous magazines. It goes to show how hard she worked for her music. ‘Raw’ is about waking up with someone and seeing that person throughout the day. Of course, it would be a different story when you don’t see that person that much because you are not really in a relationship as it would focus more on other things that were meant to be. It would be better for Loony if life is set straight in something serious as waking up with someone you don’t care that much about is not really something to get into. After all, it won’t have good long-term effects when you go and think about what would transpire in the immediate future.

Loony’s third EP is scheduled to be released next month and she already put forth her latest single from it entitled, ‘royal flush’. The track features Toronto rapper, Mick Jenkins. Loony shares that the song is about having feelings for someone and this same person having the same feelings for you. It would only be a matter of time before something happens and that would either be for the good or for the bad. Whatever happens, be sure that you will know how to take it so that you won’t get affected by it too much. The moment Mick Jenkins saw the title, he wrote a verse that would fit the song immediately.

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