Dua Saleh’s “Chosen” to be one of our Leaders of the New Cool

Written by on August 26, 2022

To showcase and highlight the music we enjoy the most, we endeavor to spotlight the tracks and artists that caught our attention.  This track, “Chosen” by Dua Saleh is one of those tracks.  Dua Saleh has a knack for giving us funky grooves with a unique vibe.  Earlier she gave us “Body Cast” which put her on our radar to keep an ear on.  With these two tracks alone we feel it worthy to dub her one of our Leaders of the New Cool. #LONC You can chart the track here on LitJointz Radio.


Dua Saleh is a Minneapolis-based Sudanese-American artist whose artful blend of poetry, alternative rap, and moody electronic music prompted heavy industry buzz with their debut Nūr EP at the beginning of 2019. With a distinctive vocal style wavering between warm melodic singing and nuanced rap grit, Saleh’s first EP for the AGAINST GIANTS independent label earned critical acclaim, setting the table for their 2020 follow-up, ROSETTA EP. Born in Kassala, Sudan, and bearing Tunjur heritage, Saleh is gender nonconforming, identifying as nonbinary and addressed with they/them pronouns. Saleh plays Cal, a nonbinary student, in season 3 of Sex Education on Netflix. ~From YouTube


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