Booker T – Bad Bunny (January 2021 #GetRightMusic)

Written by on May 17, 2021

Booker T is the latest song by Bad Bunny about the retired professional wrestler of the same name. The song is in rotation right now on the online channel ‘GetRight Radio’. If you like the song then you can rank it right on the ‘Charts’ section which is not too hard to find. The song has such a funky beat that you can’t help but dance to it. In order to promote the song, Bad Bunny performed it at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view with Booker T himself right by his side. The song drew a load of new fans even if the arena did not have any fans. Fans tuning into the pay-per-view would have to watch it from their homes because of the pandemic. Bad Bunny eventually got involved in a feud with the Miz and John Morrison. He distracted them both when they were in the Royal Rumble match As a result of his distraction, both of them were eliminated from the match by Damian Priest. The reason for his involvement is because they had a backstage interaction prior to the match. The Miz ended up ruining Bad Bunny’s instruments prior to entering the Royal Rumble match. Apparently, he was a bit jealous due to the fact that there was another celebrity in the building. For those who don’t know, the Miz has his own reality show, The Miz and Mrs. Add that to the fact that he has appeared in numerous movies produced by WWE Studios.

Bad Bunny culminated the feud with the Miz by having a tag team match at Wrestlemania 37. He teamed up with Damian Priest to take on the team of The Miz and John Morrison. To everyone’s surprise, he was able to perform plenty of high-risk wrestling moves on his opponents. It was evident he was able to train a lot for the match with plenty of experienced trainers and his opponents. As expected, Bad Bunny got the victory with Booker T watching from afar. The Hall of Famer is one of the members of the panel previewing the show before it started. When his match was over, it looks like his WWE contract ended too. He was shown the next night on Monday Night Raw receiving a suitcase from WWE COO Triple H. It is not known what it contained but it looks like Bad Bunny won’t be seen in WWE programming for quite a long time. During his time in WWE, the hip-hop artist actually won the 24/7 championship. It is a title that can be defended wherever you are and challengers can come from all sides. The rapper was always with Damian Priest so he always protected him whenever challengers tried to take it away from him. He eventually surrendered the title to R Truth in exchange for a Stone Cold Steve Austin replica title belt. Of course, that basically meant that WWE did not think too much of the 24/7 title.

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