The Bodybyloud! YouTube Channel Expresses our Love for Music and Enlightenment

Written by on July 8, 2020

Bodybyloud! YouTube Channel curates Music and enlightening elevating content.  You’ll find some of the best music from generations past… 

’70s and ’80s R&B/Soul

to right now!

May 2021 #GetRightMusic

We are progressing toward having radio shows for different genres and eras of music. I see us having shows for Old-School R&B, Golden-era Hip-Hop, and ’90s R&B right off hand. Of course, we love Rock and Soulful House Music so they will get shows too. We already have our Monthly New GetRightMusic playlists going strong. Stay tuned for more exciting #getrightmusic, done only how we do, here at #LitJointz Radio.

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