55 Times – 2 Chainz is on (January 2021) #GetRightMusic

Written by on May 20, 2021

2 Chainz was part of the Trillerfest concert this past May 1 at Miami Marine and it was attended by thousands of fans amid the pandemic. Recently, the Florida governor has lifted all COVID-19 mandates for the state and people are quick to take advantage. One of the songs 2 Chainz sang is 55 Times and it is presently in rotation on ‘GetRight Radio’ on litjointzradio.com. If you dig the song then you can rank it higher on the ‘Charts‘ section of the website. Other artists who performed at the concert include Lil Wayne and Tyga. It was a two-day festival where hip-hop artists headlined the May 1 show while reggae artists headlined the May 2 show. The organizers still observed health protocols by setting up the seats in a socially distanced manner in order to avoid the spread of the virus. Of course, wearing masks while enjoying the concert would be completely optional. It feels great to finally attend a gathering as big as this after more than a year of not being allowed to. The people in Florida are lucky as the same can’t be said for other parts of the world where big gatherings are still not allowed.

2 Chainz and actress Bella Thorne were seen backstage at the Trillerfest music festival showing off their jewelry. Clearly, the two are jewelry aficionados and love checking out fine jewelry. Thorne was one of many celebrities who attended the music festival. Many attendees did not feel the need to wear a mask since everyone was socially distanced from their own groups anyway. it was certainly exciting for everyone to attend a concert as huge as this amid a year-long lockdown. Several states are lifting the COVID-19 restrictions, which means many events are finally popping up everywhere. It is a good sign for businesses to be going back up since plenty of people lost their jobs. Nevertheless, everyone stood up for some of music’s hottest stars, and the ovation these starts got was pretty much well deserved. Add that to the fact that the concert was also shown online for those who wanted to watch it but were in other parts of the country or the world for that matter. Fully vaccinated citizens were given priority when it comes to seats and getting inside the concert. Overall, it must have been a fun two-day event.

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