Month: August 2022

One listens to “Shoestring” by Felix Ames and you feel something for the artist and the music.  The single is a no-brainer for a spot on the 2022 GetRightMusic playlist and chart.  It also puts Felix Ames on our Leaders of the New Cool list. This list is dedicated to the new music and artist […]

To showcase and highlight the music we enjoy the most, we endeavor to spotlight the tracks and artists that caught our attention.  This track, “Chosen” by Dua Saleh is one of those tracks.  Dua Saleh has a knack for giving us funky grooves with a unique vibe.  Earlier she gave us “Body Cast” which put […]

Desire and the Master Expression I believe the only reason for our existence is the expression of God.  The reason I think this is the fact that the use of energy must be backed by desire.  There is nothing that can make God move atoms to do what it does not wish to. Only desire […]

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